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What is Contemporary Art? An In-Depth Look & Guide | Turner Contemporary

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So what is Contemporary art? How do you interpret art? How do you read art?

For many people, coming up with a definition for contemporary art can be tricky. While its title is simple, its meaning may not be as clear. In this video, our very own Engagement Assistant Jo gives you a definitive and handy guide on how to interpret, read and experience art.

Contemporary art is continuously evolving and more artists are taking advantage of new technology to further their creativity. This includes code-generated art, which can produce everything from abstract pieces to futuristic vector portraits. As advances in artificial intelligence continue, some artists are using technology to create hyperrealistic portraits that test the boundary between reality and imagination. Many up-and-coming contemporary artists are stunning the world with their original approach to art. On top of putting their own twists on conventional forms like painting, sculpture, and installation, they've also popularised unexpected forms of art, like embroidery, origami, and tattoos, proving the endless possibilities of the all-encompassing genre.

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