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Your Community | Types of Community - Social Studies for Kids | Kids Academy

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Your Community | Types of Community | Kids Academy

Your Community | Types of Community | Kids Academy
Does your kid know about the community? Do you know how to explain it to them? Well, don’t worry this tutorial will help you explain the concept of community to your kid in simple and easy words.

What is a community?

A community is a place where people live together. They interact with each other and live by knowing each other. It is very important for the kid to understand the importance of living in a community and what is the actual meaning of living in a community.

Types of communities

There are many different types of communities. In this lesson, we will cover the three most common types.

1. Urban
2. Suburban
3. Rural

Urban community

An urban community is large and highly populated. This means that a big number of people live there. Tall buildings, skyscrapers, heavy traffic, and transportation are key identification of an urban community. For example, New York City is an urban community. In urban communities, you will find everyone busy with their tasks, with heavy traffic and a lot of hustle and bustle. That is why New York is called the city that never sleeps.

It remains busy all day and all night. Most people living in apartment buildings while very few live in homes. You will see a lot of apartments and homes packed with each other due to the high population.

Suburban community

A suburban community is located near a city but not as populated as an urban community. There are less traffic and smaller buildings. Some people travel to the nearby urban for work, which is called commuting. Many people live in homes which are very beautifully made. They have amenities such as large backyards and garages.

Rural community

A rural community has very few people and buildings. It mainly consists of farmland. There is more nature in the rural community, you will see animals, trees, grassy lands, and pure water. people live in small houses that are spaced far apart even miles away. It has a very peaceful environment with no honking and people rushing and heavy traffic.

So, this was a small lesson on communities. In which community would you like to live?

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